Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheating On Your Wife With Your Wife

Let me be the first to say that marriage is a beautiful thing. I am so much in love with my wife who was once my best friend, I miss her every time she is out of my sight. She is a very special woman who is strong, intelligent, and very beautiful.

But I like variety and being spontaneous sometimes. So this is how I began to cheat on my wife, with my wife.

Her job is very busy and we barely get a chance to talk. But I send her text messages that reads: "Daddy So In Love Wit Mama" and " I need that thang right now!" She say's that it makes her blush and turns her on knowing that I am thinking about her. I have to keep me on her mind while she is at work. So I often call and leave sexy messages.

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Now she finds a new love for wigs. There are hundreds in the closet. Whenever she puts on a different one, I gave her a name. It was funny at first but it was a turn on. Now when I give her a new name she gives me one. This really keeps it interesting. Once we begin this then next here comes some good role play.

"When I put the bob wig on my name is Tammy!" When I put the long hair wig on my name is Peaches. And so on and so on. Tonight she was Peaches. Peaches is a hood chick that don't make love. She just wants to feel good and get off. She is real freak and open to try new things. Then there is Tammy. She is timid and always wants me to tell her how to please me. It turns her on to turn me on and vise verse.

"Peaches take that Sh_t off!" before I knew it my head was spinning from left to right and I am thinking to myself,"I got a sexy wife." We commence to to have sex until our bodies were drained. Then she says,"Im Done" and leave me in the mess all alone. We clean up and go about our day.

This night she is Tammy and she is in all see through attire. This time I just could not wait for an okay. I rushed to where she was so I can get inside of her as quick as possible. Once I walked through the door I dropped to my knee's and pleasured her for I know I was in for it. She teased me in more ways than one. I made sure the favor was returned and after climax, the role play ends.

We enjoy roll play because it brings excitement to the marriage which a lot of couples need. If people found more time to relax and wait for that special person, I am sure the divorce rate wouldn't be up as high. These days its like a fad, to get married for sex only. Then get a divorce mainly because your tired of the same old sex.

So I encourage all husbands to try this method of role play and ladies do the same. I gotta go," I have to meet my split personality wife, So to all my readers...Stay blessed and exciting.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Show Your Wife You Care

           Showing the one you love how much you care for them is the best thing you can do for your spouse. Let me provide you with a few ideas of how to show her just how much you care for her. Trust me... Fellas! If you do these things for you wife, your sex life will change for the better and the life you live will be more of give and give not give and take.

Reminding Her


Showing her how much you care is sending her a text message saying that you love her. It's common, but it will still maker her blush. Do it when she least expects it. Make sure you do it enough so when you get home, her mind is set on what's happening after dinner. Remember guy's, foreplay is all day. I wake up in the morning and tell my wife how much I missed her while I was sleeping. She thinks it's cute, but I can guarantee that the whole while she's starting her day, she has a smile on her face as bright as the sun. Also that gives your wife a little boost. Which brings me to my next way to show her you care...

Taking Care Of Home

             Most of the time when guys hear the phrase "taking care of home," the first thing that comes to mind is finances. But to be honest, the real way to take care of home is just to simply make sure your woman is happy. Of course as a male you have to be financially capable, but if your situation is",you don't work and she does" or " she makes more money than you", you can still make her happy by...

  • Do some house work while she's at work. 
  • Pick up the kids (if you have some) for her so she can come home early.
  • Get groceries without her telling you to go to the store.
  • Show her affection every chance you get. 
  • Offer to meet her for lunch, your treat.
  • Just take care of as many things as you can to make her life easier.
Don't Let Another Man Tell Her She's Beautiful 

This really goes without saying. Tell your wife you love her with sincerity all the time. Most of all , try to compliment her a lot. Not to where it gets annoying, but enough so that she can get on that natural HIGH and stay on it. This will ease whatever pressure she has at work, and make her day go by just that much faster.

Fast enough so her anticipation to get home can stop driving her crazy. She is beautiful, and every time you have her in your view, show her some how, some way or another that she is the apple of your eye. There are so many guys wondering why their wives left them for another man. You can't pass by your wife daily and not tell her how beautiful she is. It will bother her and stress her out. Even if she doesn't show it. It would make her melt the first time ANOTHER man tells her she's pretty, because you don't tell her enough. So please compliment the woman you love.

Love your wife, care for your wife and she will do the same thing for you.  Women love hard when they love because they love by emotions. Showing her you care is the best thing any man can do for his wife. This will uphold a long marriage and very happy memories together.

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